Price Comparison

For LA, OC, RVSD and SBD Counties.

*Choosing the right Funeral Home at your time of need is a difficult decision.  We are a Full Service Family Owned and Operated Funeral Home.  We own and operate our own crematory.   Your loved one never leaves OUR CARE.  We will never charge extra for families coming into our Funeral Home to make arrangements for their loved one as other Storefronts and for-profit Cremation Societies charge.  For your added convenience, On-Line arrangements are available to your family at NO additional charge.  We are the only funeral home that provides a 75 mile radius for transferring your loved one into our care as a complete part of our service package.  Before making your final decision please call us at (800) 466-6110.  

California Cremation Centers Our Competitors
California Cremation Centers'>Complete Price $995 "$1399"+ (Does Not Reflect Hidden Fees)
California Cremation Centers'>Pick-up within 30 mile radius Included Only Limited areas
California Cremation Centers'>Crematory operated on-site Yes Cremations hired out to 3rd parties
California Cremation Centers'>Alternative container Included Additional Charge
California Cremation Centers'>Temporary urn Included Additional Charge
California Cremation Centers'>Permit (required by law) $12 per disposition $12 per disposition
California Cremation Centers'>Death Certificates $21 Per Certificate $21 Per Certificate
California Cremation Centers'>On-Site Chapel for Memorial Services Yes No - You Must Rent a Church
California Cremation Centers'>Total for Cremation Services: $995 $1900 to over $3500