Why Should I Plan Ahead

We are a society of planners. We plan for the birth of our children; we plan weddings down to the last detail; and we consult with financial experts about retirement. There is one other expert you should consider consulting - one for advance funeral planning.

We will address the reasons why people prearrange and list some profound benefits to consider.

The number one reason people prearrange is out of consideration for their surviving family. During a time when order is necessary and chaos rules, it is often difficult for those grieving to make important decisions. Grieving people suffer from confusion and doubt, as well as a lack of energy. Yet it is the same people who are left to judge what their loved one would have wanted.

Can you imagine having to make nearly 100 decisions right after someone close to you has died? One must know which funeral home to call (California Cremation Centers of course). There is funeral merchandise to select. There is family to notify and financial records to be found, and so much more.

All the while you are wondering, "How can I go on without this person in my life, and am I doing what they would have wanted?"

Advance funeral planning allows your survivors to focus on the memories of your life, rather than the harsh realities of your death.

Consider also, that funeral costs will undoubtedly rise with inflation over the years, and prearrangement can protect you against this reality. California Cremation Centers offers secure funeral funding plans that guarantees today's prices will be the same in the future, and is able to move with you if you leave the area.

If you are eligible for military or other government burial benefits, we can ensure your family receives these benefits, and that you receive the service recognition you deserve.

Finally, prearranging protects your family against emotional overspending. Conflicts may be avoided because your preferences are recorded. Also there is no question of payment since the funeral is funded in advance.

Yes, your family will grieve. They will hurt, and we will be there to help. But your funded advance funeral plan will be the fit that spares them a great deal of stress and uncertainty. More families are discovering it is the right thing to do.

Call us at (800) 466-6110 today to learn more about the many options that California Cremation Centers offers in advance funeral planning. You'll be glad you did!