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We invite you to discover who has made California Cremation Centers the ultimate provider of creating healing experiences in the community. This section contains the heritage, vision, and the people behind California Cremation Centers's reputation of quality, sincerity, and trust.

About Us

Thank you for choosing California Cremation Centers. Families should have choices and receive dignified care even if they choose simpler arrangements.

Our mission is simple, To offer an alternative to traditional funerals and to provide affordable services that can be personalized prior to death or by the family or loved ones.

The California Cremation Centers are a locally owned and operated licensed establishment devoted to the simple, flexible and meaningful disposition and memorialization of a decedent. Our unique facility and operation allow us to provide positive, sensitive assistance to help relieve some of the stress of such a difficult time.

Today, families choosing cremation are afforded so many choices. Our aim is to provide a relaxed, caring resource to help you personally design cremation service and Memorialization Options that will meet your individual needs.

As you compare prices and offerings, you will find a wide range between our price and others. We provide everything the others do, but, being independently family owned, we don't answer to stockholders regarding our profit. We are confident that we exceed everyone elses offerings at the lowest price around. We are sure you can find higher prices, but in the end, there are no differences, except the added personal service you receive from us. We feel families should have choices and receive dignified care even if they choose simpler arrangements.

California Cremation Centers offers more than just a cost savings, it provides a method to document and personalize your wishes prior to death. We are always available to answer any questions that you have. Please contact one of our Funeral Counselors at (800) 466-6110.

  • Testimonials


    Our goal is to provide our client families with memorable remembrance experiences. Celebrations of their loved one's life, and the time they shared. So who should speak of our success? That's easy; those we've served. Our words are expected, while theirs genuinely share their feelings about our services.

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  • Community Events

    Community Events

    We give every family in our community unique opportunities to learn, share, and remember. Each of our educational, grief support or remembrance events is designed to appeal to a wide age range, including adults and children. It is our intention to enrich lives, educate minds, and ease sorrows.

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