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    • When you lose a loved one, as recently happened to me, and you are seeking a cremation services provider, what you need is a company which can efficiently handle all the grim details of cremation -- all the paperwork, permits, certified death certificates, and transport, as well as the cremation itself. Just when you are hurting the most, you're faced with all the bureaucratic detritus which inevitably piles up in the wake of a person's death. You just want to find somebody to take care of it all so that you can put your energy into handling your own grief and the grief of close friends and family and to begin the process of putting your life back together. When my wife was killed in a bicycling accident 6 days before Christmas, I was lucky enough to find California Cremation Centers and to work with Mr. Lewis Wasson. Mr. Wasson immediately took charge of the process after I provided the required information in an easy to understand set of forms on their website. From that point on, Lewis kept me informed every step of the way. He even took the time on Christmas Eve afternoon to call me before he was closing the office for the Holiday just to reassure me that all the paperwork had been approved and said that he was calling because he "didn't want me to worry" over Christmas. That kind of caring, sensitive attention is the hallmark of California Cremation Centers. Moreover, they are quietly efficient and professional. Even though I live in Culver City and their offices are in San Bernardino, all of the communication between us was by phone, email, and messaging so it was as if they were next door. CCC met every deadline and fulfilled every one of their promises to me. Finally, the good news is that they are ┬Čan extremely low-cost provider of cremation services. At a time when I was at the very beginning of experiencing a lifetime of terrible grief, CCC removed a huge burden from my shoulders by assuring that the cremation of my wife would be accomplished with care, dignity, and professionalism. I will be forever grateful to them.
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      Robert G.